Designing My Exhibit

Designing My Exhibit

Designing my exhibit was a fun yet stressful task. I think whenever we use technology for projects that we are unfamiliar with, things get a bit complicated. For me, using Omeka was the most difficult thing out of the whole project. I guess, in a way, this is a good thing, but I found it very hard to navigate through Omeka and to get my exhibit how I wanted it to look aesthetically. In Omeka, I think the most challenging part is putting in all the metadata and uploading items. Sometimes, I’ll be in my zone, working very hard and passionately, and then I’ll have to upload an item. In a way, it distracts me from the project. I think I can learn from this challenge though. Next time, I will upload all my items first, and then go from there, whereas on the other hand, just uploading what I need when I need it.

What I do like about Omeka is how the final project looks. As I construct more and more pages with information and data, I really like how beautiful it looks. It looks like something professionally done. One of my favorite aspects of Omeka is being able to hyperlink. I found hyperlinking very helpful when incorporating outside sources. Like I said before, it also makes the exhibit look very professional.

The actual process of designing my exhibit came fairly quickly to me. I always had a fascination for social media and how the world relies on social media heavily. So I thought, how is social media used in protests and marches? Through great analysis and extensive research, I provide excellent data to support my claim that social media is good and bad when it comes to protest and activism, but we must archive it all. I thought about archiving after our in class discussion with Dr. Gail DeKosnik. She made me realize really how important archiving is, and how easy it is in everyday life, but how often it gets overlooked.

To conclude, I want to talk about the importance of editing work and proofreading. To me, writing my rough draft is the easiest part about writing anything. It’s the editing that is most difficult for me.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my exhibit. I am so happy I learned Omeka and created such a beautiful final project.

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