Interview with Illisa

Interview with Illisa

Last week I interviewed Illisa K. I think the interview went very well. It flowed very nicely and there were very good ideas mentioned. However it was a little short. Before I started the interview I asked Illisa if she could elaborate on what I asked. I asked if she could go into much detail. Things were slightly different. I still think it was a fairly good oral history though. My interview with Illisa was much different than my interview with Greg. I got a different perspective and learned what it was like from someone firsthand at the march. I asked questions like, what made you want to march? how did it make you feel? did you go with anyone? A lot of questions from what I picked up from earlier readings during the semester. I gathered new information about what it was like to go to a march with a parent. Illisa says “It meant a lot. It was like super empowering just to see my mom really taking part in what was going on and to be so vocal and supportive of something. And it really just inspired me to do what she was doing”. I thought this was beautiful. It speaks to how much influence and support people like parents have. Because the interview was a little short, I actually am in the process of reaching out to Illisa’s mom to ask her similar questions about the relationship between her and Illisa and what it was like to go to the march together. I know this will be useful in Anthony’s omeka exhibit.

The process of oral history interviewing is definitely becoming more familiar to me. I am definitely becoming more comfortable talking and asking people questions while listening actively. I am also becoming aware of the ethics and morals behind oral history interviewing, which to me is the most important part about this whole process. As a lover of documentary work and films, I feel more comfortable now, after learning about oral history interviewing and archiving, with making documentary films. I think in today’s world it is so crucial to hear stories peoples stories, to learn from them, and to relate.

Overall, my interview with Illisa was very short. Approximately 8 minutes. But the things mentioned and learned during the interview are so powerful and meaningful, that they last way longer than 8 minutes. I hope you enjoy the interview and learn as much from it as I did.

Oral History Illisa

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