Rogue Archivists – Guest Speaker

Rogue Archivists – Guest Speaker

Today Dr. Gail De Kosnik visited our class today from the University of California Berkeley, to hear about our work archiving and conducting oral histories. She came to also talk about her book Rogue Archives.

What was said:

What is it like being human when media is constantly changing and our way of doing things keeps changing? The ways we learn, talk to each other, tell stories, is so different now then it used to be, because of media. What has the transition to digital been like? Technological shifts happen in every day life, and hobbies. How are people using technology everyday? How is this changing? Convergence culture began on the user end. Users converged first, before television and film. They used networks to connect, find each other, share stories. The earliest uses of media were not serious but were important to each user. People had different opinions and views on the internet and media.¬† Men and women viewed media differently. “The Internet does not archive itself”. How do people remember things that happened online. “If we don’t save our own digital production, no one will”. Culture must be archived since it can disappear in a heartbeat.

As archivists and oral historians, we need to be aware of groups and communities, so that they can trust us with what they say and no one feels appropriated, embarrassed. Reminds me of Doc Research and location.

Other Notes:

  • College Campuses are battlegrounds
  • Life of a student is stressful with everything that goes on
  • Can do tons of preservation work with iPhones and in every day life
  • Share resources and practices with other students to preserve history
  • Video recording of screen is a great way to archive something on the web

Practicing Oral Histories

  • Write a question list for the person you are interviewing
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